Just Eat It.

Community Screenings

Host a Screening

To show Just Eat It to a group of people in your community, you need a public screening license (includes a disc). (Note: Schools, libraries, and other educators, check out our educational licenses)

Audience Size


Small (Up to 50 people)

$150 + shipping

Medium (up to 100 people)

$250 + shipping

Big (100-350 people)

$400 + shipping

Note: Disks ship regular post. If you need rush shipping for an additional fee, please note it in the message box.

Book Your Screening

If you’re all set for your screening, please email these details to screenings(at)foodwastemovie.com. We’ll send you an invoice, mail you a disc and add your screening to our website:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Organization:
  • Mailing Address (with country and zip code):
  • License Size:
  • Screening Venue:
  • Screening Date:
  • Screening Time:
  • Website for Screening details:
  • Format preference (BluRay or digital file):
  • Discount Code (if applicable):




Attend a Screening

Check our list of upcoming public screenings

Hosting FAQ

Where can I get resources to help me host a fantastic screening?
Right here:

  screening toolkit buttonposter button   press kit button   

I’m looking for a copy to keep in my k-12 school, university, or library. Am I on the right page?
No. Please visit our schools page for educational licenses.

Does the screening license include the movie, or do I have to get a copy separately?
Yes, the license includes a BluRay and permission for a public screening.

How much is shipping?


$10-15 (reg tracked)


$15 (reg tracked)


$10 (no tracking)

ask us (tracked)

In a rush? ask us (express)

Can I charge admissions or ask for donations to my screening?
Yes! You are welcome to sell tickets and/or use the film as a fundraiser.

Can I use my screening license for more than one screening?
Licenses are for single screenings only. If you are hosting multiple screenings, please email screenings(at)foodwastemovie.com for a bulk discount.

Do you provide discount for food rescue non-profits using the film as a fundraiser?
Yes! If your organization’s primary activity is food rescue, we are happy to support you with a 50% discount. Please use discount code  “FoodRescue50%” in the discount code box on the booking form.

Why don’t you have DVD’s available for screenings?
BluRay discs work in players worldwide. They are much higher resolution than DVD, so the film looks much better on a big screen.

Can the filmmakers come to our screening?
Due to demand, those involved in the film aren’t able to attend every screening; however, if you are able to cover travel costs and an honorarium, please contact us to discuss options.

  • Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin (Vancouver, Canada) – The Producer/Subject and Director/Subject of “Just Eat It” have spoken around the world about waste reduction and food waste. Contact Jen and Grant.
  • Jonathan Bloom (Durham, NC, USA) – The author of American Wasteland and the website Wasted Food. A leftover lover, Bloom enjoys speaking and consulting on the issue and opportunity of food waste.  Contact Jonathan.

I still have questions……

Email us at screenings(a)foodwastemovie.com, and we’ll help you out!













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