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After being introduced to the crawfish beignet & the sweet watermelon tea by @ninernikki, I thought my day was complete. Natalie started to close up shop at Libby Jane. She reviewed inventory and cleared out most of the fresh sandwiches that remained in deli region. With her arms full of 15+ sandwiches & biscuits… she walked out the shop. And just like that… she began arranging the sandwiches outside in windowsill. Within seconds, there were homeless patiently waiting in line and walking away with food. And this is a photo of what remained as we left immediately after. San Francisco is attempting to address the needs of over 14,000 citizens living downtown (in a 4 mile radius) - be it temporary and permanent housing options, health, public sanitation, rehabilitation, employment, and food insecurity. Serious kudos and major respect earned to Natalie, Libby Jane and her respective café, @libbyjanecafe, for being Change Agents, bringing hope and joy to the cities homeless, and addressing food security in San Francisco - all while minimizing their food waste and contributions to landfills. We can ALL find our own unique and individual ways to address and bring about change. Join the movement and be the change you wish to see in the world. by btcinternational

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