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#letstalk #foodwaste #changetheconversation. Good morning. I want to take a moment to talk to you about these wrinkly peppers. They are #organic green #peppers being sold @mgmproduceexchange for $0.50/lb. Yep, some of them are wrinkly. If I still worked at a coop or at WFM I would throw them out. Yep, throw them out. Why? Because people won't buy them. But I don't work for a coop or WFM. I work for a produce warehouse outlet. We are trying to reduce food waste. If you are too, buy wrinkly produce. Do society a favor and eat some wilted greens. We can all do our part to reduce food waste and eat great good at a great price. That's what we do here @mgmproduceexchange we are changing the way you shop and changing the way food is sold. There is so much edible food going to waste and instead of shaking our heads and shrugging are shoulders we are gonna put that shoulder to the wheel and hustle some produce for you. #producewarrior #changetheworld. #uglyfruittastesbest #getitonthegrill #produceisfun by mgmproduceexchange

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