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I was raised to be prepared. Or at least to attempt preparedness. You know that whole "start where you are" mantra... We're not "doomsday preppers" we're of the "compost happens" variety. Hurricanes, forest fires, ice storms, shirt on work hours, etc. We try to have a stocked pantry that we can "shop" and then restock off grocery specials. (Try being the operative word there). We also try to have a 72hr kit assembled. Kind of like a bug-out bag, to use recent monikers. It generally takes about three days for emergency services/relief to get established and begin aide. Having a means to get through those three days more readily is a blessing. So we use No.10 food storage cans to hold one person's three days of emergency survival food. I select shelf stable items that don't require water or preparation. If we have to hike/walk to safety (for whatever reason) I don't want to carry any more than absolutely necessary and water is HEAVY. My goal has been to review and reboot them at the beginning of every hurricane season. (I should do it at the end also, to ensure we're good to go for ice storm season too). It hasn't been happening lately. Compost happens. Sidetracked happens. Life...happens. I just stumbled upon the bag I keep them in and decided to check dates knowing it's been awhile since we've rebooted. It's been a _LOT_ longer than I realized. Jif-to-go that expired in 2010 (not pictured), beef jerky and granola bars that expired in 2012. The only thing that *might* be salvageable is the tuna pouches that were "best by" March 2014. ....plus there isn't a can for our youngest child. The nutshell? This is the contents of one can that is WELL past date. Multiply it by four and you'll understand why I am weeping. #foodwaste #emergencypreparedness #beprepared #weatherhappens #72hourkit by yellowchairnc

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