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For #WorldFoodDay: I was working on a story about #FoodWaste for @natgeo, and while on set I ended up with a lot of product that I didn’t want to throw away after shooting. @jennamariefite, Susan Welchman (the awesome photo editor) and the Dorothy & Peter Waldt and family from Glen Ridge, NJ. delivered the majority of the food from the shoot to a Northern NJ Food bank. Since 1961, global human consumption of #meat has almost doubled. The @SIWI_media (Stockholm International Water Institute) stated in a recent study that #Americans themselves dispose of up to 40% of the food they purchase, which is alarming when more than 1 billion people currently suffer from #hunger and #malnourishment the world over. Point being, I didn’t really feel right getting rid of this pig after I used it on set, and I’ll wait for the right day to roast it. #FutureofFood @natgeo @thephotosocity @RobertClarkphoto by natgeo

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