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Over the past few years, the topic of food waste has gone mainstream, largely due to the critical implications of emerging research. For Dan Barber, a chef and co-owner Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the problem is not only how we dispose of our food, but also, the way we create it in the first place. Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in upstate New York tackle the larger issue of food waste through education and example. For Earth Day check out this farm-to-kitchen approach towards eliminating food waste at Stone Barns. Here, a member of the Stone Barns staff works in the greenhouse. “Over the past half century, our agricultural system has grown to new levels to feed new populations. However, the speed of growth and development has created many unintended consequences to adapt to such short-term needs. Reintroducing and adapting age-old practices to our farming system has provided lasting value and health,” says Jack Algiere, the Four-season Farm Director in charge of the growing operations at Stone Barns. For more on the issue of food waste tune in to MSNBC at 10pm EST for the premiere of the film Just Eat It. Photo by @nilsericson for @msnbcphoto To see the comets photo essay "A farm-to-kitchen approach towards eliminating food waste" go to

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