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#Repost @zerowastechef with @repostapp [Note: I just made pesto for the first time yesterday and it was great. Had to sub a few things but no worries! From what I've seen, pesto is basically tender greens, oil, nuts, garlic, lemon juice and salt. I had no olive oil so just used regular canola oil, only had so much basil (that was starting to wilt but still smelled awesome) and added some spinach to bulk it up, and no pine nuts so went with walnuts. Turned out so yummy, will definitely make again! And next time I'll try it with all spinach and some other tender greens that I need to use up in my fridge, maybe some avocado, too (like I've seen some pesto recipes do) and I'll definitely try it with some nutritional yeast at least once. ・・・ ☆Zero Waste Chef☆ Rescue pesto. I had only a little olive oil so added walnut oil. I needed to use up parsley, so tossed that in with the basil. Threw in a large mishmash of nuts and seeds: almonds, sesame seeds and a few pecans. No cheese? No problem. I used nutritional yeast. Finished with lots of garlic, some salt and a lemon from my yard. #pesto #organic #bulkingredients #bulk #zerowaste #plasticfree #unpackaged #foodwaste #nofoodwasted #vegan #vegetarian #methodcooking #improvise by nozominoseki

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