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I ran out of #scrapvinegar and just started some now. It took less than five minutes to begin. 1. Combine fruit scraps, water and a tablespoon of sugar in a large, wide-mouth glass or ceramic vessel. I used mostly apples and a bit of pear. Most of these I had stored in the freezer and thawed out. Secure a breathable cloth on top to allow for air circulation. 2. Stir several times a day to prevent mold from forming on top. 3. Once your #ferment starts bubbling stir once a day. 4. Times vary but this should begin to taste vinegary after about 7 to 10 days. Strain and use for cooking and cleaning. Compost the scraps. They will no longer taste at all sweet. 5. If you wish to bottle this WAIT UNTIL YOU DETECT NO FIZZ in the jar. Fizz means sugar is still present and your sugar-munching microbes will continue to produce CO2 which creates pressure and can lead to explosions. I have never had it happen and hope I never do. #vinegar #selfreliant #foodwaste #nofoodwasted #plasticfree #zerowaste by zerowastechef

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