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2 Timothy 3:12 "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." This is Benedict Francis, Vietnam war veteran and fellow dumpster driver. He delivered the order to withdraw our troops from Vietnam, and in his words, saved countless lives. He rolled up on his tractor while I was recovering a few gallons of organic milk and yogurt. Unsteady on his feet and preaching against the waste and reliance on "welfare", he began digging with his cane. I happily loaded up his tractor with plenty for him to take home. As I opened the door to my truck the walking sticks that my dad made for me to sell or give away tumbled out. I picked one up, rolled it over in my hands, and offered it to him. "I could bust a bulls head with this!" he said. It's wild persimmon and hard as a damn rock. I'm sure he could. I gave him a hug and promised to stop by and see him sometime (he only lives a few houses down the road). I brought home a box of tomatoes among other things, and after peeling and squeezing them into 45 cups of puree, they're simmering away into what will be another delicious batch of garlic and basil pasta sauce. by breaking_vag

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