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I've heard quite a few people using famine as an excuse for us to continue to allow Monsanto to experiment & modify our food supply when that's not true at all. Monsanto's sole purpose is profit, destroying the world and it's citizens.... Repost @gmofreeusa_official The world already produces more than enough food to feed a growing population. The global population is approximately 7 billion and current food production is capable of feeding 14 billion people. Yet the agrichemical industry wants you to believe that we need GMOs to feed a growing population. In fact, there is no global or regional shortage of food. The real food crisis is overproduction and waste. Pesticides and GMOs exist solely to extract money from the food supply. FAMINE IS AN EMPTY THREAT. BUY ORGANIC. #organic #BuyOrganic #groworganic #USA #America #famine #hunger #starvation #foodwaste #overproduction #food #Health #GMOs #GMOFreeUSA by missbibipink

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