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So today I won at the garbage. I came home with an enormous quantity of free food and was able to share a big pile of it with my kitchen mates. A great aspect of dumpster diving has been the community surrounding it and my ability to share food and the experience with those around me, in spite of my tight student budget. Today's haul: onions, grapes, zucchinis, 3 organic pointy cabbages (one was already given away before the picture), pears, avocados, a crapton of apples, lemons, cucumbers, carrots, arugula, and 5 packages of small tomatoes (1 was organic); there was also a package of perfect raspberries that went into my belly as soon as I got home. #copenhagen #exchange #freegan #freeganism #dumpsterdiving #dumpsterdiver #vegan #foodrescue #sustainability jordan.sparrow

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