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So, it's national pharmacy week and in celebration my work is having food catered daily for 5 days. Problem is, most days we have way too many leftovers. When it's time for the new round of left overs to go in the fridge, yesterdays set - we're talking food that's only 24 hrs old - goes right in the trash. No announcement "hey people, does anyone want a doggie bag?", and no attempt to see if a nearby department (that isn't celebrating pharmacy week and probably doesn't have any food) wants it. I've tried addressing this issue with limited and unpredictable success. So by the grace of God I happened to get to work early today. I decided to be proactive and use my personal time to remove the leftovers and made arrangements to bring it to a homeless shelter in my city. A coworker - the kind that always has something to say - asked why I was putting all the food in my car. I explained to them how I was preventing waste and distributing the food. They basically said that because the other new food hadn't arrived yet I had no right to take the leftovers. I reminded them that we never know exactly when the leftovers are going to be thrown out, so this was only way for it to happen. They were still upset. I said "I'm not trying to steal food from anyone, so if you really want it, here's my car keys, go in my car and take whatever you want. Remember, I'm allergic to gluten, I can't even eat this stuff, so if you think I'm taking it all for myself you're dead wrong." This person declined my offer, yet still made a face that they were dissatisfied with my decision. I reiterated "you have a problem with me taking leftovers bound for the trash to a HOMELESS SHELTER...?" I still get the cocky look. SERIOUSLY!? Why does everyone always have a fucking problem with fucking everything!? I'm so mad, I literally feel hot. If swearing was protected under Freedom of Speech I would have told him to run naked through a cornfield backwards. #madashell #makingadent #gofuckyourself #endworldhunger #foodwaste #getupanddosomething by curlieq42

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