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Food for Tuesday's thought. The average American household tosses out around $2,000-$2,500 in food a year. We realize #foodwaste is inevitable, but there are actions you can take to reduce it, even by a little. Preplan meals in advance so you buy only what you need. Think twice about buying in bulk unless you're certain you can realistically eat it all. And don't hate on ugly fruits and veggies. They are just as tasty as the pretty ones, so eat them! Also, think about all you COULD be spending that extra cash on - a vacation! a bicycle! wine! philanthropic efforts! 5,102 stamps to mail letters to your favorite humans! So many possibilities through such a small (but big!) act. #compost #whatsleftover #reducehunger #bethechange #sustainableliving #gogreen #uglyfruitandveg by communitycomposting

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