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Reblogged: How to Eat #Apples Nose to Tail | ecogreenlove.com via @ZeroWasteChef - According to the NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council): • 40% of #food goes to #waste in the #US • Wasted food rotting in landfill accounts for 25% of US methane emissions • Wasted food squanders 25% of all US freshwater • A mere 15% of this food could feed 25 million Americans every year Some of this food goes to waste merely because grocery stores refuse to carry produce that doesn’t meet their rigid cosmetic standards. Please feel free to share with us your experience with "ugly fruits" and "food wastage" and show some love to @ZeroWasteChef - You can stop #FoodWaste from home. #SmallChanges make a #BigDifference 💚 - #foodtips #zerowaste #kitchentips by ecogreenlove

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