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Repost from @domzthompson This pic appears to be a pic of a dead pig in a frozen bag taken by a @natgeo photographer used as a prop in their story on #foodwaste. In promoting #WorldFoodDay, the photographer that took this photo of this dead pig mentioned he/she will wait for the 'right day' to roast it. They also state this is the #futureoffood while appearing to promote factory farming. @natgeo, in my opinion, there is nothing sustainable about animal agriculture. Therefore, in my opinion it is NOT the #futureoffood. In my opinion, every nation should seriously revise their food polices with respect to this very serious topic that has become the primary source of climate change to this planet we all call home. Furthermore, it is my opinion we simply can no longer as a human race continue to tolerate the excessive water waste, economic strains, and diseases that are caused by this very industry you are promoting. Your organization employs very talented professionals that are not new to the topic of climate change. You previously published articles on this very topic. So I find it very troubling and strange for you to not address or recognize in your recent posts the negative impact that occurs across the globe from raising and slaughtering billions and billions of animals. At the end of the day, the #futureoffood is veganism. There is a planet called Earth depending on this to be the logical decision we make going forward. Perhaps you heard of this planet. If you haven't, maybe you should glance over all those beautiful pictures your photographers capture everyday. by vegantake0ver

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