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We've talked about food waste to heat energy...but food waste to graphene and hydrogen fuel energy? Wow! The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is leading a European collaborative project that aims to transform food waste into a sustainable source of significant economic added value, namely graphene and renewable hydrogen.The project titled Plas Carb will transform biogas generated by the anaerobic digestion of food waste using an innovative low energy microwave plasma process to split biogas (methane and carbon dioxide) into high value graphitic carbon and renewable hydrogen. CPI as the coordinator of the project is responsible for the technical aspects in the separation of biogas into methane and carbon dioxide, and separating of the graphitic carbon produced from the renewable hydrogen. The infrastructure at CPI allows for the microwave plasma process to be trialled and optimised at pilot production scale, with a future technology roadmap devised for commercial scale manufacturing. #foodwaste #renewableenergy #graphene#innovation #creativity #humanity #humanpower #beautifulearth #journey #energy #hydrogenfuel#environmentalscience #science #earthtweet #energy by erascience

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