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Educational licenses are available for schools, libraries and other educational organizations. They allow lifetime educational use on your campus and include a DVD with both the original 74 min cut and a special educational cut (50min). DVDs come a recycled plastic case suitable for library use and will be sent via regular tracked post. If you are just looking for a one time screening license, click here.

Library (single site with no public screening rights) $100 USD + $15 shipping
K-12 school (single school) $115 USD + $15 shipping
University/Local Gov’t/Library PPR $350 USD + $15 shipping
  • The PPR license includes on site public performance rights, which is the right to show the film to a group provided no admission fee is charged, and the projector and audience are in the same room.
  • You may not charge admission for a screening.
  • You may not lend the disc to other organizations.
  • Questions? Email us at foodwastemovie(at)gmail.com

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